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Coaching with Authentic Real Life Experience

Greetings, I'm Motti, the founder of Mottivational, a dedicated hub for sales coaching and masterminding.

For more than two decades, I've steered B2B sales teams across diverse industries, evolving alongside the challenges and triumphs that sales leaders encounter daily. Now, I'm thrilled to share a glimpse into my journey and mission with you.

From Sales Success to Sales Leadership Excellence

Having traversed the transition from a successful individual contributor to steering a sales team, I understand the transformative journey that can propel you from peer to leader in an instant. What became evident to me was that excelling in sales doesn't seamlessly translate to excelling in leadership. This transition can be arduous and, at times, soul-testing.

Thus, Mottivational was born—to guide you through these challenges and propel you toward sales success.

A Gap in Support and Training

Companies often assume that high-performing sales representatives effortlessly transition into effective leaders. Yet, a mere 30% of organizations extend formal support and training to emerging sales leaders. The remaining 70% navigate this uncharted terrain solo, resulting in a painful and prolonged learning curve. Shaky leadership foundations resonate throughout the sales team, leading to decreased performance, high turnover rates, and hindered career growth. As Simon Sinek wisely stated, "So goes the leader, so goes the team." I aim to provide effective sales enablement tools and strategies to bridge this gap and support your growth.

My Journey of Impact and Transformation

With over two decades leading sales teams, my passion converges with a mission—to empower emerging sales managers not just to survive but to thrive in their leadership roles. Rooted in authenticity, pragmatism, and compassion, my approach stems from personal challenges and discoveries. By integrating professional coaching methods, we focus on developing mindset and skills, empowering sales leaders to exceed their goals and realize their full potential.

Empowering Your Journey

At Mottivational, I offer a comprehensive suite of coaching services tailored to emerging and aspiring sales leaders committed to owning their success and honing their leadership prowess. Through personalized coaching, and engaging group facilitation, we collaborate to foster growth and development. Witness your transformation into a more effective, confident, and influential leader, achieving remarkable sales results in less time.

Let's Connect

Thank you for exploring the world of sales leadership with me. Join me on this journey of growth, transformation, and empowerment. Together, we'll elevate your leadership skills, paving the way for unparalleled #salessuccess. Connect with me today if you're ready to elevate your sales career through #salescoaching and training.

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