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Online Workshop

Crush your Numbers, without crushing your Soul
Empowering Community for for Ambitious B2B Sales Leaders

Elevate Your Leadership, Accelerate Your Success

SAM is the go-to mastermind for B2B sales leaders who are committed to:

  • Boosting performance

  • Developing effective leadership strategies

  • Fostering a positive sales culture

  • Balancing career growth with personal well-being


Why Aspiring Sales Leaders Choose SAM?

  • Targeted Peer Wisdom: Gain insights from fellow sales managers facing similar challenges

  • Leadership Development: Build confidence in your abilities

  • Growth-Oriented Mindset: Evolve your thinking to lead in today's dynamic sales environment

  • Supportive Network: Connect with a community of like-minded, ambitious sales leaders

Limited Availability - Join Now

SAM is an exclusive close-knit community to ensure quality interactions and personalized support with only 8 spots in each cohort!
Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your sales leadership journey.

Meet Your Mentor:
Motti Attia

Motti is the founder of SAM and your guide on this transformative journey. With decades of experience in sales leadership, Motti brings a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to the community. He founded SAM with a passion to empower the next generation of sales leaders.

Motti's Philosophy:

Success in sales leadership comes from a combination of:

  1. Continuous learning and adaptation

  2. Building strong, supportive relationships

  3. Maintaining a positive, growth-oriented mindset

  4. Balancing professional ambition with personal well-being

As a member of SAM, you'll benefit from Motti's personal experiences, as he guides you through your own leadership journey.

What Sets Motti Apart:

  • Real-World Experience: Someone who's been in your shoes

  • Holistic Approach: Professional skills and personal growth

  • Commitment to Your Success: Helping you reach your full potential

Join SAM today and unlock your leadership potential!

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Hear from Fellow Sales Leaders

Team Meeting
"I’ve not only been able to exceed my numbers, but also grow my career in a short amount of time... I’ve learned to love the struggle and trust the process... having a group of individuals who are seeking the same perspective is hard to find in any other forum nowadays."

Daniel K., NJ

Why SAM Stands Out

Professional Woman_edited.jpg
  • Practical Leadership Experience: Founded by sales professionals who've climbed the career ladder

  • Proven Results: Members report an increase in performance and personal growth

  • Skill-Building Workshops: Regular sessions on key management skills and sales strategies

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Share experiences and learn from others in similar roles


Your Leadership Growth Starts Here

Spots are filling fast. Don't let this opportunity to transform your sales career pass you by.

Join SAM today and unlock your leadership potential!

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